Update – A Cold Winter Day

It’s a cold Taipei day, frigid, even though the sun is out.  I’ve just returned from the morning part of my job and now I have roughly four hours before returning to the afternoon/evening part.  And, it’s like this everyday, except Sunday, my day off.  I’ve set aside these hours, like most of my spare time these days, to working on this WWP photo-project.  I think that’s one of the most challenging parts of this project, so far at least, that ongoing struggle to balance time.  I have no doubt Chad would also agree on that point.

I’m sure anyone who is reading this has experienced these same feelings and this situation.  That moment when you are deeply involved in a project you’re working on and enjoy, just to realize – time’s up.  Instead, time to rush off to work, that necessity that funds everything else.  Part of the challenge of developing the WWP photo-project is that it is both self-motivated and self-funded.  Since it is self-motivated, this means we both eagerly accept devoting our free time and off hours to working on what I hope is a quality website and blog that can properly showcase Chad’s photos and promote the goals of the project.  It also means working extra hours, and spending time on the, as of yet unsuccessful, search for backers and partners.  However, I firmly believe in this project  – and I think it really will look inspiring and fantastic once we have collected beautiful and provocative images of pride marches from around the globe.

Expect to see a new site coming soon, a pride calendar that lists 2010 world pride marches.  We will be linking it to our main project site, and it will list pride parades by country along with accompanying YouTube videos.  To help fund the project, we will be offering advertising banner placements and other promotional opportunities on the website, so contact us for more information if you, or an organization  you know, might be interested.

Well, that’s an update on what’s going on so far.

But first, I think some hot chocolate is just what’s required for this cold winter day …


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