Mr. Gay China

Tomorrow, Jan. 15, ’10, China is going to be having their very first gay pageant.  The Mr. Gay China pageant will be held in Beijing.  This is quite impressive, considering homosexuality in China is often reported to be a taboo topic not to be discussed.  I’ve noticed mainland china’s views on homosexuality are quite different than here in Taipei, which hosts Asia’s largest gay pride parade (see pics).  Despite the expected 30 million Chinese who are thought to be homosexuals, the topic of equal human rights for gay individuals is rarely discussed, and the government’s stance is said to be one of “no approval, no disapproval, and no promotion.”

Mr. Gay China 2010

The Mr. Gay China event is being sponsored by Gayographic, currently Beijing’s only gay PR and event management company, and will consist of 8 young men competing for a chance to participate in the Mr. Gay World competition held later this year in Oslo, Norway.   As Ben Zhang, co-founder of Gayographic, puts it “We hope to send out a message to the Chinese public that the gay community is here and it’s healthy, sexy, trendy,”

Mr. Gay China 2010

UPDATE:  Canceled.  Opening the Sunday newspaper, I read how this event was cancelled about an hour before the pageant was set to begin.  What a shame.


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