And so it begins …

Back in October Chad first had the idea of spending a year photographing international pride parades.  The goal is to show the similarities and differences in gay rights and gay culture around the world.

Since that time he and I have been actively involved in developing the “Walk with Pride” project.  During the initial preparation stage Chad photographed the Taipei, Manila, and Sydney pride festivals getting a feel for photographing these types of large colorful events.  At the same time, I’ve been busy with the organizational part, contacting pride organizations and arranging travel details.  Finally, we are ready for the next stage of the project, traveling to Europe to photograph 15 parades over the next several months.

Last Saturday was spent saying goodbyes to friends, and returning the apartment we’d been renting back to the landlord.  What we aren’t bringing with us has been boxed away, safely stored in a friend’s spare room.

On Sunday we flew from Taipei (where we’ve been living for the last two years) over to Kuala Lumpur.  Some of the most economical flights to Europe take off from KL, so we are spending just a few days here, before flying to our first stop – Baltic Pride in Lithuania.

This will be Lithuania’s first ever pride parade, and we are looking forward to documenting it.


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