Goodbye Moscow, Hello Athens

It was bitter sweet leaving Moscow.  We’d become quite close with many of the Moscow and Belorussian activists, and it was a little sad saying goodbye to these new friends.

Participants and Supporters of Moscow Pride

However, our next stop is Athens Pride 2010.

On Monday morning we took a very crowded Moscow train out to Sheremetyevo airport headed to Athens, Greece.

This will be the 6th year of the parade.  Unlike past years, the Pride is experiencing some of the ripple effects from the debt crisis.  A protesting Greek worker’s union started planning a demonstration for the same day and time as the already booked Pride festival.  This has caused the Pride organizers to push back the times of the scheduled Pride events.

Out of respect for the very serious issue of social claims, we cancel all our actions from 11.00 to 15.00 on Saturday.

Because of the gloomy state of Greece, the IMF and the “Troika” of uncertainty and frustration, we join our voices with those that fight for a better and fairer Greece.

~ Press Release from Athens

The march will still go on, as organizers realize it is an important political statement to make even in times of financial crisis.  Unfortunately, this means the Pride also faces criticisms from those that don’t understand the importance of these issues.


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