Country Details: Gay Rights and Culture in Turkey

Turkey LGBT Rights:

Homosexual Acts Legal? Yes

Same-sex Relationships Recognized? No

Same-sex Marriages Allowed? No

Same-sex Adoption Allowed? No
◊ Neither joint nor second parent adoption is available to same-sex couples in Turkey.

Can Gays Serve Openly in the Military? No, they are banned from military service

Anti-discrimination Laws? None

Legislature Concerning Gender Identity? Not much

◊ Lack of anti-discrimination legislation is particularly harmful when it comes to employment as most transgender people in Turkey are prevented from finding traditional work.

Cultural Points of Interest:
The Turkish government regularly tries to harass and close LGBT focused organizations. This behavior has come to the attention of the European Union, which in their annual progress report they said these issues should be resolved.

Over 45 members of the LGBT community have been murdered in the past 3 years due to hate crimes.


Istanbul LGBTT – An grass roots human rights organization in Istanbul that focuses on the needs of the local transsexual community.

Lambda Istanbul – LGBT organization operating in Istanbul, and who hosts the yearly pride parades.

Kaos GL – Ankara rights group, also includes history on their website of Turkey LGBT history


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