Istanbul Trans Pride 2010

Here’s the press release for Istanbul’s first Trans Pride:


To the press and public,

Trans-pride week will be held in Turkey for the first time this weekend from June 11-13.  Organized by the Trans-rights groups Istanbul LGBTT, Women’s Door, EHP’s LGBTT the event is drawing attention to discrimination and human rights violations against the Turkish Trans community.  In the past year, violence towards transvestites and transgenders has been escalating considerably.  As there is no anti-discrimination legislation that allows these actions to be classified as hate crimes, we are pressuring the government to alter the law and see these actions as hate crimes based on gender identity.

The Minister of State has classified members of the LGBT community as ‘mentally sick.’  The fact that the state has made these statements has only fueled hate crimes, oppression and discrimination against LGBT people.  In Istanbul, just last Saturday, a transgender woman was beaten by 5 men, the month before another woman was killed, and it is the same story in Turkey’s other major cities of Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Denizli, and others.  It is a further crime that the people who have killed and hurt members of the transgender community have received mitigated sentences.  When transgender activists from Pink Life in Ankara tried protesting these actions on the International Day Against Homophobia, they were attacked.

Trans Week is being held to call on members of the LGBT community to stand up in solidarity against this violence, and a government that doesn’t even see these actions as hate crimes.  In a unified voice from June 10 – June 13, 2010 we are reaching out to the Turkish public and members of the International community, so others might be just as outraged by this situation.

Organizations that are supporting this first ever Trans Pride include Istanbul LGBT Civil Society Initiative, the Workers’ Movement Party of LGBTs, Women’s Door Foundation, Lambda Istanbul LGBT Solidarity Association, Pink Life LGBT Association, Voltrans Trans Male Initiative, Cukurova Gay Initiative, Socialist Women’s Assembly, Green Party, and Revolutionary Anarchist Action.

Trans pride week 2010 (10-13 June) Event Schedule

Thursday June 10 – Opening:
13:00 hrs: Press Conference
Location: Istanbul LGBT Civil Society Initiative – Martyrs Muhtar Mah. Citations Yilmaz Cad. Sok ground. No: 18 / 4 Beyoğlu (Back Aga)

19.00 hrs: Street Festival
Location: Galatasaray Square
With the participation of music groups

June 11 Friday – 2 Day:
15.00 hrs: Panel discussion (topics below)
Location: On Stage – Gate Olivya Olivya Han Kat: 4 Galatasaray (Opposite St. Anthony Church, Barcelona Patisserie later)

Concepts – violence
Moderator: Action Contemporary
LGBT Policy Concepts: Hilmi Kaan
Workshop – Gender Roles: Elif Karan
Lesbians: Yılmaz Büşra
Gay: Alpine Uniqueness
Bisexual: Okan Aksu
Transgender Men: İlksen Gursoy
Trans Women: Ian Dickinson

19.00: Short Film Screenings
Location: Green House – Istiklal Cad. Balo Sok. No: 21 / 1 Beyoglu – Istanbul

Trans X – Documentaries – 9 ‘- Director: Maria Binder
380-780 – Short Film – 12 ‘- Director: Sakir Arslan
No Dumb Questions – Documentary – 24 ‘- Director: Melissa Regan

June 12th Saturday – 3 Day:
15.00: Panel Discussion (topics below)
Location: On Stage – Gate Olivya Olivya Han Kat: 4 Galatasaray (Opposite St. Anthony Church, Barcelona Patisserie later)

Right to life
Organization and Employment: Elif Karan (LGBTs Workers Movement Party)
Adult LGBTs: Ebru Kiran pressure (Istanbul LGBT Civil Society Initiative)
Health: Mukhtar Coker (Human Resource Development Foundation)
Mandatory Evacuation in Golden Urban Renewal Name: Elevated Selectin (Green Party)
Korhan Silver (Association for Human Settlements)
Sex Labour: Shawwal Sword (Women’s Gate)

19.00: Theater
Location: Istanbul Bilgi University Campus Kuştepe
‘Ali Cengiz Game’ – Eskisehir other Kültürevi Gender Studies Workshop

June 13, 2010 – Closing:
13:00: Brunch
Location: Green House – Istiklal Cad. Balo Sok. No: 21 / 1 Beyoglu – Istanbul

Walking is great Trans Honor
Location: Taksim Tram Station – Tunel Square
16:30 hrs: Ülker Street meeting – ‘Our brothers are dying for’ memorial
17.00: Taksim tram stop and walk at the meeting

Istanbul Trans Pride 2010 Trans Onur Haftasi

“Not silent, but on the street

Not hiding, but organized

We are walking against hate!”


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  1. And old style b/w Movie delirius funny Lgbt a bit transgressive And not politically correct produced by a little team lost in the  forest..

    A Man of the Woods become a woman And fall on Love with the priest who exorcise him(her)

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