Promoting Trans Pride in Turkey

Held on Thursday afternoon, in the headquarters of Istanbul LGBTT, no press turned up for the press conference to hear the details concerning Turkey’s first Trans Pride.

empty chairs during Trans pride press conference
Despite the media’s absence, the press conference is still held – but with a German film maker, Maria, who is also documenting the group recording it.  Members of the Trans community get up and speak about the reasons for having this march, and its importance.  Some of the main issues the group hopes to draw attention to with Sunday’s demonstration are the escalating levels of violence toward the Trans community, and the lack of anti-sexual/gender discrimination laws in their constitution.

Later in the day we go out with the group as they hang fliers and leaflets to promote Trans Pride week.  A lot of the bystanders who watch them seem generally curious about what they are promoting.

Hanging leaflets to promote Trans Pride in Turkey

After spending an hour walking the streets and side streets of the trendy Bosphorus district of Istanbul an informational stand is erected on Istiklal Street, a major shopping area lined with luxury stores and sidewalk cafes.

This area of Istanbul is very metropolitan, and I’m again surprised how open people are very open to receiving the information leaflets about Sunday’s march, with many also signing their name to the group’s email list.

Trans Pride in Turkey

Dear Sarah
Where to find those doggies? so so cute!!
We had two days off for outside meeting, and had fun this week, a little bit tired now.
One interesting thing I would like to tell you, I went to Jay Chou’s concert yesterday at Taipei Arena. It was the first time for me to step in the dome even my office is opposited to that!!
The music and the performance is so so great!! we was screaming with excitement all night!! really a good memory for me!!
This week, Ive learned several words:
1) squint: sample is “He squinted through the telescope.
2) confide in (I learned that from lyrics)
3) nasty means evil? or could be used to describe “tough” (just like base ball players)
4) pluck sample is “I plucked a flower from the garden”
5) drowsy (is that common?) real meaning is?
6) guardian (what kind of situation you might use the word?)
7) could we say”little heart”? I heart that from one friend…but I just wondered if it is correct.
8) tie down (learned it from lyrics) 

also, I had my hair cut, quite cute, but Im tired tonight and not appropriate to take the photo 😛

So tired tonight!!
Hope you still keep ejnoying your delightful traveling time.
Talk to you next week^^

your cute and “nasty” student


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