Country Details: Gay Rights and Culture in Croatia

Croatia LGBT Rights:

Homosexual Acts Legal? Yes , since 1977

Same-sex Relationships Recognized? Yes and No

◊ No registered partnerships or marriage allowed, but unregistered cohabitation recognized since 2003 (so partners living together for 3 or more years receive the same rights concerning inheritance and financial support as unmarried cohabiting couples).

◊ In 2005 legislation was proposed to allow civil unions, but was rejected by parliament.

Same-sex Marriages Allowed? No

Same-sex Adoption Allowed? As individuals

Can Gays Serve Openly in the Military? Yes

Anti-discrimination Laws? Yes

Legislature Concerning Gender Identity? Some

Right to change gender allowed, and anti-discrimination legislation since 2009

Cultural Points of Interest:

Since 2006 Croatia has had legislation concerning hate crimes, and this legislation was first used to prosecute a man that attempted to attack Zagreb Pride in 2007 with Molotov cocktails.


Zagreb-pride.netOfficial website for Zagreb Pride, it provides a complete program and information on the events that make up Zagreb pride. – News and information for the Croatia LGBT community.

Lesbian Group Kontra – A Croatian non profit based in Zagreb that promotes lesbian rights.  The group provides various resources to the local lesbian community.

Gay Friendly Croatia – A great site providing information for gay friendly travel in Croatia.  In 2009 they published the first Zagreb City Gay Guide, which was supported by the local Zagreb tourism board.


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