Budapest Pride is Tomorrow!

Hey, this is Chad.  I don’t usually do the blog posts, but Sarah is a little busy tonight so I’ll do my best just to fill you in on what we’ve been doing this past week to prepare for Budapest’s 15th Pride.

Budapest Pride, Budapest, Hungary, Human Rights, Judith M. Horváth, First, every day this week workshops were held on different topics concerning the LGBT community.  My favorite was Hungarian photographer Judith M. Horváth’s comparison of the Roma community to the LGBT community.  Judith and her husband’s images of the Roma were just incredible.

Budapest Pride, Hungary, Clare  Dimyon, Gay Rights, Human Rights, activistThen on Thursday we headed over to the British Embassy to hear LGBT activist Clare Dimyon, in orange, discuss her experiences in different Prides around the EU.  Clare was awarded the MBE, Member of the British Empire Award, by the Queen for her work. She was also featured in the movie; “Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride”.  I first met Clare briefly in Lithuania, so it was nice to actually catch up with her here.

Budapest Pride, Gay Rights, Human Rights, Hungary, Beyond Gay:The Politics of PrideEarlier tonight we headed to a theater where they were showing “Beyond Gay:The Politics of Pride”.  This is truly such a great way to start out any Pride.  I’ve watched it in several countries where the content really hits home with the audience, with many left in tears.  A special treat was that producer Morris Chapdelaine is attending tomorrow’s march and held a Q&A right after the screening.  It was great to finally meet him after following his FB page for so long.

And so tomorrow is the Pride, well actually today since it’s around 1am.  We’ll wake up at 7 and head out early to photograph the police getting the streets ready.  The last couple of years were plagued with violence from skinheads, so I have no idea what the day will hold.  I never know how I’m going to photograph such things.  I just hope for the best, and that everyone gets home ok. Sleep well Budapest and Happy Pride.


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